wormcastingsVermiculture is the process of using Redworms to compost your food waste. The resulting vermicompost [worm poop] is an extremely high quality organic soil amendment. It is a great method for indoor or small spaces where you may not have all of the room for a compost pile or have all of the brown matter required for regular composting.

Worms don’t do the job alone, they work with microorganisms in the soil. The microorganisms begin the decomposition process so that the worms can consume the organic matter. Worms also keep the pile well aerated and their castings create a rich environment for the soil microorganisms to thrive. One pound of worms can handle about a half pound of food scraps per day. Finished vermicompost is a great source of nutrients and can be used to make fermented compost tea- a great plant disease fighter.

Here are a couple of resources for would be vermicomposters:

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