Integrated Pest Management

Greensgrow Farms employs IPM, a pest management program that limits or eliminates the need for chemical pesticides. This system integrates knowledge of pest identity and biology with pest monitoring so that action, if needed, can be taken at just the right time. IPM uses a combination of management tactics that are more likely to be safe and effective. IPM is a perfect fit with Greensgrow’s philosophy of being a profitable, green business dedicated to growing the best products, being a good neighbor, and providing a healthy environment for people to work and shop.

Overuse of pesticides and using them inappropriately can be dangerous to workers in greenhouses. IPM/biological control system can replace traditional pesticides. Biological control, also known as biocontrol, involves using one organism to control another. Using biologically compatible pesticides combined with biological controls, growers can slow resistance in target pests, create a safer working environment, and maintain quality crops and be pesticide free.

The Pennsylvania IPM program is a collaboration between Penn State and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture aimed at promoting integrated pest management in both agricultural and urban situations. For more information, contact the program at (814) 865-2839 or click here.