Green Design

Shipping Container
In 2008, when Eugenia Perret and Elizabeth Oliver from Minima Gallery in Philadelphia approached us to take part in their critically acclaimed A Clean Break design show we did the proverbial, “Who, Us?” But the curators were insistent that we were their choice to make use of a cargo container as part of the exhibition featuring innovative design solutions addressing issues of urban infill, 21st century development and sustainability. “It is our aim,” says Eugenie Perret, owner of the Minima Gallery “to go beyond merely proposing innovative housing solutions, but to provide the opportunity for Philadelphians to experience them firsthand.”

How to create something useful from something deemed useless? Sounded familiar. There are literally millions of shipping containers scattered around the country and are gaining in popularity as modular homes and retail spaces. We installed a hydroponic garden on the exterior on the exterior of the building and outfitted the interior as a field office. After the exhibit the container was brought to Greensgrow where it has been used as Santa’s workshop, an information hub and aquaculture system. In 2012 we gave it a facelift and installed a repurposed pallete wood wall and in 2013 it was repurposed once more and now serves as a garden shop.

Thermo Box Refrigeration Systems
Our refrigeration systems are an example of how we approach design. Our walk-in uses a simple insulated building with an air conditioner that is amazingly efficient. The addition of a green roof on the building further insulates the thermo box requiring less electric usage and safely stores our fruits and vegetables.