At Greensgrow Farms we compost everything that we can; turning what could be seen as waste into an asset. Composting is a great way to add nutrient content to your garden soil and improve your soil structure. In fact here at Greensgrow adding our own farm made compost to our high tunnels and beds is the only fertilizer we use. We recommend adding compost to your soil before planting and you can use it as a top dressing fertilizer during the growing season. You can also make a fermented compost tea which is used as a liquid fertilizer and a disease fighting agent.

We have a two tier compost method where we put raw food scraps and plant matter into our compost bin. The ideal composting ratio is 30 parts brown matter, carbon to 1 part green matter, nitrogen. Carbon matter is generally speaking things that are brown, straw, dried leaves, and green matter that serves as nitrogen can be fresh grass, food scraps. We pile our compost bins in layers and just let them set for several months as they break down about half way. Then we turn our piles into a larger open bin to finish which generally take another 2-3 months.

If you are looking for a way to compost your kitchen waste try vermicomposting. It is a good solution for those who do do not have the room for a compost pile or compost bin and/or do not have large amounts of dry/carbon matter. Finished vermicompost is an excellent organic soil amendment.