Interview Requests & Academic Inquiries

Each year Greensgrow is approached by over 100 individuals seeking to interview staff members to learn more about the history of Greensgrow. We have a great story to tell, Greensgrow was one of the first on the urban agriculture scene and is still going at 20 years old!

We are delighted that Greensgrow is now seen by so many as a model of sustainable urban agriculture. We share your enthusiasm 100%! Our inquiries range from high school level to post graduate level in every area from chemistry to economic sustainability. We salute each of you in your quest for higher learning!

Ideally, we would love to address everyone’s academic interests in detail and arrange interviews and tours. Realistically, Greensgrow is first and foremost a business that runs on a tight schedule and we all have many duties. Although you might think it, Greensgrow is actually not a grant-funded organization! We make our money by working at our farm operation and through consulting. There just isn’t enough left over to dedicate one staff member entirely to answer academic inquiries and give tours*, as much as we wish we could.

Want to get in touch with us? Before you do, please:

1. Do your homework. There’s a lot of information out there, please do a thorough review of existing material. The answer to a question such as, “How did Greensgrow get started?” is out there! The most commonly asked questions are on this very website. Take a look at the About UsIn the News, and Resources sections for our historymission, FAQs, press clippings archive, videos, etc. There are also a number of interviews available on the web. We have given interviews via Skype to design students in Sweden, to visiting farm educators from Mexico and France, to social entrepreneurship acolytes in Afghanistan and so on.

2. VolunteerVolunteer hours are required. If you are local and you’d like some of our time, we ask that you give us some of yours in exchange. (It’s only fair!) If you volunteer with us for a day we’ll answer all your questions after your volunteer duties are completed. If you are not a Philadelphia local, we’d like to know that you have volunteered some time in your own community. Be prepared for some questions about what you’ve done in your local area.

3. Contact Us in a Timely Fashion. Please be courteous and send your questions with enough time for us to respond with respect to your deadlines–whether you are a serious scholar doing advanced work for a thesis at an undergraduate, graduate, doc, or post-doc level, if you are writing a book, doing a documentary film, etc. We will get back to you and be happy to schedule a follow up conversation by phone or in person, whatever you need. We want to support academia and research!

We look forward to working with you! Thank you for your interest in Greensgrow Farms and we hope to cultivate many more rewarding academic partnerships and friendships locally and globally. If your questions delve deeper than the existing material, or you’d like to coordinate volunteer hours, please contact

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