During the Pandemic the need for quick innovation inspires new life at Greensgrow


Giving Tomorrow Cover Story

“We are trying to be an anchor that stays open and accepting of all communities” says Meg “The change has to be part of the mission. It is not always obvious how to do that but we are trying to make sure we’re representing a large network of people”

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B. PHL Lighting Talk

“We can’t help but bring ourselves to the land in a land practice and from there we can’t help but bring ourselves together in the land as a shared practice. Urban Land becomes a space where we can test and envision shared value, shared leadership in community because of the malleability of greenspace”

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Philly Mag Health Hero Finalist

“I believe that personal health and wellbeing come from meaningful connection to our environment. Our health is not insular, not stable and permanent — instead it is the fluid reality that we take part in daily through our decisions and interactions. Health is the manifestation of connection that aligns itself with the natural world.”

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“Greensgrow distinguishes itself by being a bridge between rural producers and urban consumers.” Read more.



CBSNews“Corboy, a former chef, is at the forefront of a nationwide trend known as the urban farm movement.” | Read more.



6ABC “No need to leave the city to visit a farm, there’s one thriving in Philadelphia’s Kensington section.” Read more.




“Greensgrow is important because it’s not new. It’s not trendy. The farm has been around almost 15 years and continues to push the boundaries of what it means to grow food in a major American city, while also being a good neighbor.” | Read more.




“Corboy’s a farmer at heart—making the rounds every day, getting dirt under her nails, feeding the worms for compost.” | Read more.


“As Greensgrow looks ahead to the next 20 years, Kuck says Corboy is never far from his mind, especially her
insistence that Greensgrow ‘reinvent itself every few years to stay ahead of the curve.'” | Read more.

“As urban agricultural hub Greengsrow Farms embarks on its 20th season, Executive Director Ryan Kuck said the organization will be drawing its own inspiration from its late founder, Mary Seton Corboy.” | Read more.