SNAP Share

Greensgrow believes that ensuring fresh local food is accessible to all people is an essential part of a healthy and equitable food system. We are proud to offer farm shares at a discounted rate to individuals or families that qualify for SNAP benefits (see SNAP income guidelines here). We partner with Philly Foodworks (PFW) to make farm shares available to beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) throughout Philadelphia.

How it works

  • Interested people can sign-up for a SNAP Share here.
  • SNAP members can choose between different shares to get a box that meets their needs. Shares include locally grown fruits and vegetables with a choice of eggs or tofu. We offer a shares that includes locally and sustainably-raised meat.
  • SNAP members can choose any Philly Foodworks pick-up site.
  • SNAP members pay Greensgrow monthly for their membership and are responsible for 50% of the cost.
  • Together with Philly Foodworks, we subsidize the remaining 50% of the cost.
  • Greensgrow handles all SNAP member sign-ups and payments.
  • PFW manages the sourcing, packing, and distribution of the food.

Greensgrow also accepts SNAP payments for medicinal and edible plants at our locations. We are the only garden center in Pennsylvania currently offering this benefit to the community!

Payment Methods

SNAP Share members are welcome to use EBT ACCESS cards or other forms of payment, including debit card, credit card, Philly Food Bucks, personal check, or cash. However, Greensgrow can only issue Philly Food Bucks for payments made using an EBT ACCESS card. You can pay by entering your ACCESS Card information into the enrollment form, visiting a Greensgrow location, or by calling 215-427-2780, ext. 3 with your ACCESS Card information.

To make a payment with a Credit or Debit card: Click here.
PLEASE NOTE: We charge a +3% convenience fee to pay online.


  • For every $5.00 spent on the SNAP Share using an EBT ACCESS card, Greensgrow will issue one Philly Food Bucks coupon, worth $2.00.
  • Philly Food Bucks expire at the end of the year in which they were issued.
  • Philly Food Bucks can be used to purchase produce at farmer’s markets and at other sites selling local fruits and vegetables, including Greensgrow’s Farmstand and SNAP Share payments.

Why we do it

When we cook and eat healthy, locally grown foods, we not only nourish our bodies and our minds, but we also create relationships with producers and the land that gave us this food. Sadly, due to the economics of our food system and larger society, this is not an option for everyone. We believe everyone should have access to good local food. As a community, we have the resources to make this possible. You are part of that community that makes this possible.

How you can support this program

  1. Donate to Greensgrow, and mark your donation for the “SNAP Share Program”
  2. Become a Philly Foodworks member and sign up with the “GG” promo code to make sure that part of your weekly shopping bill comes back to Greensgrow to subsidize this program.
  3. Attend one of the Farm Dinners hosted by Greensgrow and PFW. Foods for the dinners are sourced by Philly Foodworks or grown by Greensgrow and prepared by a local chef. Proceeds go to benefit the SNAP share program. Visit our events calendar for information on upcoming Farm Dinners.

And remember, you are supporting this program just by shopping with us. We are building a new food system for everyone, and the more you shop at Greensgrow and Philly Foodworks, the more capacity we have to build a food system that is accessible to everyone!

Questions? Contact us at (215) 427-2780 extension 3, or email [email protected]