SNAP Share

Greensgrow believes that ensuring fresh local food is accessible to all people is an essential part of a healthy and equitable food system. We are proud to offer farm shares at a discounted rate to individuals or families that qualify for SNAP benefits. All members signing up for SNAP Shares will be asked to show proof of income eligibility at the first pick up. You can find the SNAP income guidelines here.

SNAP Shares are only available thanks to the generous support of our members, and we are proud to be the only Farm Share-style program in Philadelphia (and one of very few in the country) that offers this benefit. Each year, Farm Share members donate over $4,000 to help us keep this affordable option available as part of our non-profit commitment to building a more just food system for all. Please visit our donation page to help grow the SNAP Share program, and we thank you for your generosity in helping us continue this important work.

How it works:

SNAP Share members are able to choose a share type that matches their family’s needs at a substantial discount from the normal rate. Current options include a Meat + Produce Share, a Small Veggie Share, or a Large Veggie Share. All shares are delivered bi-weekly and include fruits, vegetables, and your choice of eggs or tofu. Through our partnership with Philly Foodworks, members can choose any of their 60+ delivery locations to pick up your share. However, make sure to pick a time and place that is convenient. If you forget to pick up your share it will be donated to another family in need and you will not be refunded.

SNAP Share members are asked to make monthly payments to help cover a portion of the subscription cost. Each monthly payment will cover two shares. All payment dates are set to be on or after the 10th business day of the month, at which point all ACCESS benefit accounts should be refilled.

Sign up

To sign up, please fill out our online enrollment form.

Enrollment in the SNAP Share program will not be considered complete – and food will not be delivered – until applicants have made their first monthly payment. If you cannot access the online form, please call 215-427-2780, ext 3 or email

Payment Due Date Coverage Cost
Sign Up: Friday 11/23 December: Weeks 1 – 2 $55 (meat) / $45 (lg. veg) / $35 (sm. veg)
Week 2: Thursday 12/20 January: Weeks 3 – 4 $55 (meat) / $45 (lg. veg) / $35 (sm. veg)
Week 4: Thursday 1/17 February: Weeks 5 – 6 $55 (meat) / $45 (lg. veg) / $35 (sm. veg)
Week 6: Thursday 2/14 March: Weeks 7 – 8 $55 (meat) / $45 (lg. veg) / $35 (sm. veg)
Week 8: Thursday 3/1 April: Weeks 9 – 10 $55 (meat) / $45 (lg. veg) / $35 (sm. veg)

Payment methods

SNAP Share members are welcome to use EBT ACCESS cards or other forms of payment, including debit card, credit card, Philly Food Bucks, personal check, or cash. However, Greensgrow can only issue Philly Food Bucks for payments made using an EBT ACCESS card. You can pay by entering your card information into the enrollment form, visiting a Greensgrow location, or by calling 215-427-2780, ext. 3 with your ACCESS Card information.

For every $5.00 spent on the SNAP Share using an EBT ACCESS card, Greensgrow will issue one Philly Food Bucks coupon, worth $2.00. Philly Food Bucks can be used to purchase produce at farmer’s markets and at other sites selling local fruits and vegetables, including Greensgrow Greensgrow’s Farmstand and Mobile Markets, as well as to pay for future payments of your SNAP Share!

To make a payment with a Credit or Debit card: First, please fill out the enrollment form. Click here to make a payment by credit or debit card. We charge a +3% convenience fee to pay online.

NOTE: Philly Food Bucks expire at the end of the year in which they were issued.

Share Type Cost per
Cost of Monthly
Monthly payment amount if applying all eligible
Food Bucks to the share price
Meat $27.50 $55.00 $40.00
Large Veg $22.50 $45.00 $33.00
Small Veg $17.50 $35.00 $25.00

* = Philly Food Bucks are only available when paying with EBT ACCESS cards
** = If paying by credit card, there will be a 3% processing fee added to your total. Final costs are Meat=$56.65, Large Veg=$46.35, Small Veg=$36.05

To sign up, please fill out our online enrollment form.

Questions? Contact us at (215) 427-2780 extension 3, or email