Farm Share FAQs

Greensgrow and Philly Foodworks Partnership FAQs

What is Philly Foodworks?
Philly Foodworks (PFW) is a local company that grew its roots urban farming in Philadelphia. They saw a need for a better distribution system for local food and in 2014 moved off the farm and into a warehouse in North Philly to begin building a first class retail system for local food. They work with over 75 local producers and help producers sell their food as well as build capacity and sustainability in their business.

PFW offers more than 500 local items in its online market—including produce, dairy, bread, meats, prepared foods, pantry items, home and beauty products. They have more than 60 pick-up sites throughout the city, plus the option for home delivery. For more information about PFW and their commitment to local farmers – or their products and services – visit their website or email [email protected].

Why did Greensgrow choose PFW?
We have know Dylan and his team for years, and know that they share the same commitment to local farmers and food that we do. After all, that’s why the Farm Share program was created – to get more money directly to local farmers. PFW allows us to grow our impact, keeping those producers we have worked with for years in the family, and growing a stronger local food economy for everyone.

Plus, they have been wonderful partners in ensuring that this new arrangement is mutually beneficial, allowing us to keep providing fresh food access to our neighbors and contributing 15% of their sales towards the SNAP Share program and our other food access initiatives.

What will my share look like?

PFW has created three share types that closely mimic the unique Greensgrow products that you have come to know and love.

  1. Greensgrow Small Subscription: 5-7 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Approximately $30/delivery depending on the exact selection of produce.
  2. Greensgrow Large Subscription: 8-11 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Approximately $40/delivery depending on the exact selection of produce
  3. Greensgrow Meat + Produce Subscription: 7-10 varieties of fruits and vegetables + one package of meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey). Approximately $45/delivery depending on the exact selection of produce and meat.

PFW is different in that all protein options are treated as an add-on rather than automatically included.
Your account will be automatically pre-loaded with the add on subscription that represents the protein you selected during sign-up. You can change your protein subscription at any time. The proteins are priced as follows:

Milk Subscription = $5.75 (half gallon)
Tofu Subscription = $2.99
Seitan Subscription = $5.99
Yogurt Subscription = $5.99 (Quart)
Egg Subscription = $5.00

This pricing model brings your overall share cost to within $2 of what you signed up for at Greensgrow, depending on your protein selection, with greater flexibility. There also won’t be gaps between winter and summer anymore, so you can have fresh local food delivered 52 weeks a year!

You will also be able to add items to your order a la carte through their online marketplace which stocks over 500 locally produced items. Philly Foodworks allows members to opt out of a regular subscription and only order items a la carte. For more information on how to do this please reach out to [email protected].

*NOTE* You cannot customize the contents of these subscriptions on a week by week basis. If you are interested in a subscription for which you can add or remove items on a given week, please reach out to [email protected]

Will the quality be the same?
Yes. PFW sources from many of the same farmers that Greensgrow does, plus their larger and more streamlined refrigeration and transportation system means that freshness is preserved throughout the chain. PFW uses recyclable & biodegradable packaging along with reusable cold packs to keep individual items fresh, without all the disposable waste.

What if I ordered an add-on share like cheese, bread, or coffee?
PFW has similar add-on shares to Greensgrow, including coffee, cheese, and bread. When you login to your account, you can add any of these subscriptions to your share via their marketplace. They have a wide range of local products and you can start or stop your subscription anytime. The amount you paid for your add-on share will be transferred to your PFW account on November 26 along with any deposit you have already paid for your share. You can choose to continue your same add-on share through PFW, or use those funds for something else in their marketplace.

Pick Up Locations

Will my pick up site still be the same?
PFW will service all of Greensgrow’s Winter pickup sites with the exception of the Bellevue due to impending construction, however, some dates and times will change. The schedule and locations for Greensgrow members will be the following:
Greensgrow Farms: Thursdays 3-6pm
Greensgrow West: Thursdays 3-6pm

Check out Philly Foodworks other 60 pick-up locations here.
See Philly Foodwork’s home delivery map here.
To change your pick-up location or switch to home delivery please email [email protected].

**NOTE** All of the items in your order will be packed in a box with your name on it. Any cold/refrigerated items will be in an insulated cold sleeve. Please leave behind your box and cold sleeves or bring them the back the following week so they can be reused.


What if I donated to the SNAP Share program?
Greensgrow is dedicated to continuing the SNAP Share program and is extremely grateful to its Farm Share members for generously supporting that work. We will use grants and donations received to continue offering SNAP Shares to our members through PFW since they cannot yet accept SNAP payments on their own.

What additional benefits will I get from joining PFW?
PFW offers more than 500 local items in its online market—from produce, dairy, bread, and meats to prepared foods, pantry items, and home and beauty products—and they have over 60 pick-up sites throughout the city, plus the option for home delivery. PFW carries some non-local items as well so you can get many of your fresh food needs in one place. Any non-local items are Organic and Fair Trade and are clearly identified on their website. You can easily modify your orders online, and you’ll also be able to stop and start your subscription as needed for vacations or other life events. More flexibility means more value!

If I don’t want to continue my share through Philly Foodworks, what should I do?
Email [email protected] by November 26 to let us know that you would like to opt-out. You will be refunded any money you may have already paid to Greensgrow towards a Winter Farm Share. If you paid by check and we have not yet deposited it, we will destroy the check and let you know once that is completed.

Anyone who has not opted out by that November 26 will be assumed to be signed up for their original winter share for delivery the following week. You can still cancel at any time after that date by contacting PFW, but we want to make sure we honor our commitments to our farmers by letting them know how much food to harvest in advance.

If I would like to cancel a delivery or add items to my subscription when do I need to do this by?
You can place a vacation hold whenever you want through the “delivery hold” section of your account at

Each week on Friday morning you will be able to see the contents of next week’s deliveries by logging into the “upcoming deliveries” section of your account. If you would like to cancel the order or add to the order, you must make the change by 10AM the day before delivery.

New members

What if I have not yet signed up for the Greensgrow Winter Farm Share?
No problem! You can create an account at You will see your familiar Greensgrow pick-up locations as well as a number of new options including home delivery.

If I haven’t signed up yet, how do I get the new member discount?
Go to and signup for an account with the discount code “GG”. You will receive $15 off your first purchase!


How do I pay?

If you have already paid a deposit on your Greensgrow Winter Farm Share, this credit will be transferred to Philly Foodworks. Philly Foodworks requires all members to keep a card on file. They use a secure credit card processing system and no one will have access to your card information.

This is very important to make sure Philly Foodworks can bill in an expedient manner and also means that as you add additional items to your order from their market, you will not have to send in additional checks.

If you are not yet a member, when you create and account with Philly Foodworks you will be prompted to enter a credit card. You will then have the option to transfer funds directly into your account or be billed before pickup each week. Make sure to use the code “GG” when you sign up to get an extra $15 credited to your account!

Can I still pay in installments?
Philly Foodworks offers two different payment systems:

  1. Debit on Delivery: Pay for each order the day it is delivered.
  2. Pre-payments: Select an amount to add to your balance and your card will be charged this amount after your first delivery. Each following delivery will then be subtracted from this balance. Once your account dips below $0 your will be charged the initial amount your selected. Paying in pre-payments allows Philly Foodworks to offer pre-payments to their farmers. For more information on how Philly Foodworks uses these pre-payments, click here. You can change the prepayment amount or switch to debit on delivery whenever you would like. Just email [email protected]