Farm Share

Farm Share at Greensgrow

When you sign up for a Philly Foodworks share using the “GG” promo code you are supporting Greensgrow and food access in Philadelphia through our SNAP Share, 15% of every purchase you make comes back to Greensgrow for an entire year. If most of your weekly food was purchased through this program throughout the year, think of what a huge donation that would add up to be.

Sign up for a Philly Foodworks share with the “GG” promo code and help us keep healthy local food accessible to everyone!

Greensgrow is a non-profit organization growing healthier and happier cities through urban agriculture. As farmers ourselves, we believe supporting a robust local food system is essential to protecting the health and wealth of our families, community, and environment. Our Farm Share program is an important bridge between the urban consumer and our rural producers, contributing over a half a million dollars annually to the health and vitality of small family farmers in this region, while growing fresh food access in all corners of the city.

Greensgrow has partnered with Philly Foodworks, to continue strengthening the local food economy. Together, we offer access to locally sourced food products that can be picked up at either of our garden center locations or locations close to your home around the city.

The value of Philly Foodworks: Philly Foodworks has similar values to Greensgrow and sources from some of the same farmers that we have used for years. They have created shares that closely mimic what you’ve come to expect from Greensgrow, preserving our commitment to local farmers and abundant, diverse shares of the highest quality food. In addition, PFW offers more than 500 local items in its online market—from produce, dairy, bread, and meats to prepared foods, pantry items, or home and beauty products. These marketplace items can easily be added to your share any week. You can modify your orders online, and you’ll also be able to stop and start your share subscription as needed for vacations or other life events. You can even opt for home delivery. More flexibility means more value!

Together we are building a more just and equitable food system. You can be part of that solution by becoming a member.

As always, you can reach out to us with questions at [email protected].