Community Kitchen

  • Visit from Leanne Brown author of Good & Cheap

  • Farm Truck

  • photo courtesy

  • SJ & Bradford making baked goods

  • bradford & volunteers making strawberry jam

  • Bryan Mayer butchering a side of beef

  • Marisa McClellan's famous tomato jam

  • Cheese making workshop

  • Cheesemaker Jamie Png from Cherry Grove

  • Medicinal Herbs Workshop

  • Pickling Workshop

The Greensgrow Community Kitchen is an ongoing part of Greensgrow’s non profit work which brings green ideas to life and supports entrepreneurship. Located at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church the kitchen is used to hold culinary classes, make our Greensgrow Made line of prepared foods and can be rented out by food entrepreneurs at an hourly rate. To inquire about our kitchen rental, please contact our kitchen manager at or 267.283.6787. Download our handbook for rates and more info: Greensgrow Community Kitchen Policy Handbook 2018

As with many Greensgrow projects, the kitchen started off as our way to fill a void. For years Greensgrow Farms had been turning out our famous pesto, lemony eggplant dip, sweet and savory pies, and fresh fruit jams in the small kitchen of our Firth Street office. As our Farm Share and farmstand grew, so did the demand for our farm-made products. As we began hunting for a space to build a kitchen for canning and creating value-added products, we were approached by St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, located 5 blocks from the farm.

Their kitchen facility was incredibly well cared for by the congregation, but in need of some updates. We agreed to a business partnership: Greensgrow would upgrade equipment and renovate the space to code to become certified and licensed by the City. In return, we would use the kitchen for our needs and open it up to aspiring food entrepreneurs in search of a place to begin or grow their operations.

Today the Greensgrow Community Kitchen serves as a non-sectarian business incubator, as well as a demonstration kitchen for community members to learn canning, fermenting, bread baking, butchery and other culinary skills from local experts like Amanda Feifer, Bryan Mayer, and Marisa McClellan. It is a bustling culinary center and abode for mobile vendors and small craft businesses including Brine Street Pickles, Cloud Coffee, Fifth of Farm Creations, Motzi Bakery, Nate’s Nice Tea and Tuck-Ins.

We are proud to have given a leg up a talented group of clients that have gone on to success with larger facilities and kitchens of their own including Birchtree Catering, Mucho Bueno Food Truck and PiperWai. Check out PiperWai’s successful pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Contact: • 267.283.6787