greensgrow provides an essential connection to food and nature.

Greensgrow is a meaningful experience in the lives of many Philadelphians as it offers green space and connection to food in some of the most dense parts of our city. While development increases in neighborhoods adjacent to our sites in Kensington and West Philadelphia the urban habitat that our green space provides is more important than ever.

There are many youth across the city who rarely have meaningful contact with green space, yet would benefit from an urban habitat that connects them within a web of life.

Make a donation to keep this space available to children in our community.

We know that food is connection. Greensgrow offers a space that creates a connection between the experience of green habitat with the way we nourish our bodies and care for our environment. This relationship is illustrated in the experience of harvesting a root crop or seeing a swallowtail caterpillar on a fennel frond at the same time a monarch is feeding on a native Milkweed plant.

The experience of the farm creates a lasting memory in the minds of youth who pull up a carrot and give it a taste or seed a tomato and watch it grow into a fruit in their own garden. This experience is the cornerstone of nutrition education.

The Cedar Hill Foundation has funded a new farm educator position at Greensgrow in 2020. The Foundation has offered a matching grant for free farm education programming to Title 1 schools if we can raise 10,000 within our community.

Help us meet this goal and offer this meaningful farm experience to more young children in Philadelphia.

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We would like to thank PwC for providing ongoing volunteers to lead our Children’s Sustainability Education Series this summer.

Can you fund a class to visit the farm and learn about soil, plants or nutrition at Greensgrow next year?

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