Urban Gardening

Greensgrow understands the unique issues facing city growers, we’ve had them all. We carry a wide array of containers, including fabric, ceramic and plastic in many sizes. We have lots of soil, mulch and amendments. We have repellents for pesky animals and bugs that won’t leave chemical residues. Organic fertilizers encourage your plants and allow them to reach their potential. We also have just the right small-scale and slow-growing shrubs and evergreens to fill out your little landscape.  And we have a sympathetic shoulder and lots of experience, so go ahead and tell us your story.

Starting a new garden? Get your soil tested!

Our zone is 7B. Because city streets and buildings absorb heat during the day, city nights stay hotter than areas that are less built up, as that heat radiates back into the air. This is called a heat sink. Greening our urban spaces can help keep us cooler. Planting a street tree in front of your house can help keep your heating and cooling bills lower. Come see what trees we have in stock! Find your plant hardiness zone.

Responsible Watering: Our summers can be extremely hot and watering is an important part of caring for your urban jungle. The best way to water your plants is to water in the morning a few times a week with a long slow drink at the soil level. In the morning more water goes to your plant and less water evaporates. Watering at the soil level conserves water by getting water to the roots where it is needed and not on the leaves of your plant which can promote sunburn and disease.

You can conserve water by capturing rainwater from your roof and diverting it into a rain barrel. This helps our water system in 2 ways. You are diverting storm water runoff from going directly into our city’s over-taxed sewer system and you are using more of the rainwater nature provides on your plants and less water from our reservoirs. Check the Philadelphia Water Department website for rain barrel workshops.