Christmas tree varieties

When you buy a your tree from Greensgrow you are supporting greenspace in our community! This year we’re bringing you low spray Pennsylvania grown Fraser Firs, Turkish Firs, Nordmann Firs and Douglas Firs grown on a small family farm in Carbon County, Pa. Read more below about the different varieties.

We have an additional location this holiday season. We will be popping up in the heart of Fishtown on the corner of Frankford Avenue and Master Street at the Lutheran Settlement House Garden for holiday trees, wreaths, and garland.

Don’t have a car? We’ve partnered with Getaround to bring you fast and easy car rentals to get your perfect tree home with ease! Getaround has SUVs and trucks nearby our locations that you can rent by the hour or by the day. No lines, no paperwork, no membership fees — only pay for the time you need! Get $30 off your first rental at


Greensgrow Farms
2501 E. Cumberland Street

Greensgrow West
5123 Baltimore Avenue
West Philadelphia

Greensgrow Holiday Pop-Up
Corner of Frankford Ave & Master St
Lutheran Settlement House garden

Douglas Firs

A soft-needled dense tree, long green needles, excellent needle retention. The Douglas remains one of the most popular holiday trees, fragrant with a typical pyramid shape.

Fraser Firs

Native to the East Coast. A sturdy-branched, short dark green needles with a slivery underside. The ultimate tree for decorating.

Nordmann Firs

Sturdy branches, deep green color, glossy needles, softer foliage & excellent needle retention. It has a slightly open branch structure which will allow for various sized ornament placement.

Turkish Firs

Sturdy branches, deep green color, softer foliage & excellent needle retention. Very similar to the Nordmann Fir, but the needles are slightly shorter with a silvery underside.

Allergies during the holidays

Christmas trees and wreaths. While many people think it’s the tree or other seasonal greens causing their holiday allergies, it’s often actually the dust or mold spores rather than pollen. Before putting out a tree or wreath, you’ll want a hand from someone who does not have allergies to help you out. Give them a good shake and hose them off, then let them dry before setting them up inside. Find out more.

The tree pollens that trigger allergies tend to be very fine and powdery so wind can carry them for miles. Fir trees do NOT have this type of fine pollen and are sometimes even referred to as hypo-allergenic. Find out more.