Why Buy Local

Greensgrow is both an urban farm that grows for our community, and a community of farms that grow for our city. We support farms in our region to keep both land and people employed in agriculture and to preserve open spaces. This is an investment in our future, and our opportunity to have a voice in our food production.
We aim to address the critical problem of the consumer’s separation from the production of their food. We vote with our dollars. We believe our food is a community effort, and a shared responsibility. Greensgrow is an open invitation think tank that aims to eat well, and directly invest in our local living economy of food. So come on, put your money where your mouth is.

Taste. Local food almost always has better flavor, quality, and freshness.

Accountability. We have real face to face relationships with our farmers that creates transparency, builds community, and helps insure a safe and resilient food system.

Investment. Supporting local farms helps insure a present and future healthy and affordable food supply, and more of your dollars spent will go to the farmers who we need to keep growing for us.

Lower fossil fuel input. Less food miles and less packaging conserves a lot of energy. Investing in our local food infrastructure also provides insurance against rising fuel costs.

“This land is your land. . . ” Use it wisely. Support local farms, and have a say in their farming practices in order to preserve our soil, air quality, open spaces, genetic diversity, wildlife, and watershed.

Food for Thought

Local food sales in the United States grossed an estimated $4.8 billion in 2008, just 0.4 percent of total agricultural sales.

American farmers receive just 11.6 cents of every dollar spent on food in the U.S.

On average, nearly 90 percent of a farm family’s income is supplied by another source of employment (source).

In 2011, small farms “accounted for slightly more than 1% of the value of total U.S. agricultural production, while representing 59% of farm households.” (source)

More than 29 million Americans lack access to healthy affordable foods (source).

95% of Americans under 50 years of age do not eat the recommended amounts of vegetables (source).