Greensgrow Grown

Greensgrow Farms is located on East Cumberland Street in Kensington. When you come to the farm you will see 3 large high tunnels where we grow food all year long. We grow on two other sites in the city as well. At Greensgrow Farms we focus most of our growing on greens–imagine that! We grow very intensively in our high tunnels. That means we focus on crops that grow quickly and don’t require a lot of space, are in high demand and are relatively high value. We grow a lot of lettuce, salad mixes, Asian greens, kale, chard, etc. At our other sites, we grow in-ground and without cover which allows us to grow some bigger plants like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, garlic, carrots, turnips and beets. Most of our produce is sold on site at our year-round farmstand and some is sold to local restaurants including Johnny Brenda’s, The Standard Tap, Prohibition Tap Room, and Cafe Lift.

At Greensgrow we grow organically relying mostly upon healthy soils and compost as nutrient/fertilizer.  We rarely use sprays and when we do they are only those approved for Organic use. Our compost is made on site and is added as needed throughout the year in the high tunnels and at the beginning of the growing season at our other two sites.  All of our crops are either directly seeded into the ground or transplanted into the ground after being started in our onsite greenhouse. Our plants are watered using a drip irrigation system; an efficient method that uses less water by irrigating directly to the root of the plants. Crops are weeded by hand with the help of hand tools and many volunteers. Everything is washed, bagged, and sorted on site. In the city of Philadelphia, Greensgrow Grown produce is about as local as it gets, unless of course your are growing your own food, but we can help you with that too, in fact, we encourage it.