What Our Members Say

“I’m so glad I found out about the SNAP Box Program. I always look forward to coming through Greensgrow to pick up my share. Everyone is so nice! The produce is beautiful & locally-sourced, and it’s always exciting to get something I’ve never cooked with before. I’m so grateful for this program and I’m very happy to be able to participate.” –Laura

“In a world where access to naturally farmed, heirloom produce is largely reserved for the very wealthy this programs affords a unique opportunity to enjoy the boost in immunity a variety of locally farmed, seasonal produce can provide- free from chemicals that are usually ubiquitous in the diet of those living below a certain income level.” –Nicole

“Everybody in my house loved it. To me it was encouraging because they [Greensgrow] cooked the food here and then they gave us the recipes. You learn how to cook and eat it. Some people don’t know how.”–Theresa

“The SNAP Box program is often the highlight of my week: arriving there means I have fresh produce and stretch my benefits much farther than I could do in any grocery store. Since the protein option was added I feel like this is a full-blown CSA and I love that I can get good produce that will last a long time and when its produce I’m familiar with, Chef Mattie can tell me how to prepare them. Qiana and Azul make me really feel like part of the SNAP Box family. I’m a vegetarian and the produce I get from the program definitely makes it easy to eat healthy and delicious food while on SNAP. I think my diet is much better than it would be without the program. This is hands down one of the best programs to help fight poverty and empower people I have ever been a part of.” –Chris

“Our family is so grateful for the snap box program.  We are raising a small child with limited income, and the snap box allows us to know that we’re giving her the very best food that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.  We are much more likely to eat well because we always have tons of veggies that need to be cooked.  The cooking demos and recipes are also really fun, and the folks who run the program are so wonderful and welcoming!” –Tara

“Subscribing to SNAP Box introduces spontaneity and creativity into my diet. Cooking is a major way I de-stress. Having new recipes to try and interesting vegetables to work with makes me excited about eating healthy, home-cooked food. So I’d say it’s been an important part of maintaining my mental health and physical health.” – Rachel

“I’m so glad we found the Snap Box program. These folks have been really welcoming and helpful and we look forward to visiting Greensgrow on Saturdays. The shares offer high-quality basics as well as cool and unusual items that we’ve never had.” – Elizabeth