SNAP Share

The SNAP Share provides access to healthy, fresh, and local produce at an affordable price. Greensgrow offers this low-cost option in order to bring together the various communities we work with and to offer a wider array of resources and conveniences to our SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) eligible members.

For the Summer 2018 Farm Share season, SNAP Share members can choose between the same shares available to all members (see below). To make these shares affordable and accessible, Greensgrow subsidizes the cost of these shares so that members pay the same wholesale price that we purchase the produce for. SNAP Share members are also welcome purchase add on shares (i.e. Cheese Share, Coffee Share, Bread Share), however Greensgrow is unable to lower the price on these items.

Becoming a Member & Income Eligibility

Interested in becoming a SNAP Share member? Income eligibility is required to participate in the SNAP Share. Possession of an Access EBT Card qualifies as proof of income eligibility, but is not required to participate in the SNAP Share. In cases of individuals or households who are SNAP eligible but do not have an Access EBT Card, another proof of income eligibility will be requested.

By joining Greensgrow’s Farm Share, you are joining a community of farmers, consumers, and businesses committed to local economic development and environmental sustainability. Greensgrow orders food to provide shares for each of our members every week. That means that we expect all members to pay for and pick up their shares every week so that we can continue to support the farmers we work with and provide programming throughout the city of Philadelphia.

If you are ever unable to pick up a share, we ask that you either 1) arrange to have a friend or family member pick up your share, or 2) let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange a more convenient time or place for you to pick up your share. However, we will not be able to return money for shares not picked up.

As with all other Farm Share members, we ask SNAP Share members to commit to participating in the program for the entire 24 week season lasting from June 7th through November 15th. We offer prorated shares for those that want to join after June 7th.

Not sure if you’re eligible for SNAP benefits or an ACCESS card? To determine your eligibility, please visit this website or call the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger’s SNAP benefits hotline at 215.430.0556.

What’s in the SNAP Share? What does it cost?

SNAP Full Share: 24 weekly pickups • June–November
• A seasonal assortment (7-10 items) of locally grown, fresh vegetables
• A selection of fruit that reflects the abundance of the season
• Full shares will receive a locally made cheese 6 times during the season, half shares will receive cheese 3 times. We always offer a vegan option for those that do not eat cheese.
• In your share throughout the season you may also receive a locally produced prepared food. In the past we’ve included applesauce, pasta, jams or sauces.
• A dairy/protein option that includes your choice of one of the following; 2 cups of Pequea Valley Yogurt, ½ lb. Amish Roll butter, 1 dozen eggs (cage-free and antibiotic-free), 12 oz. Michael’s Savory Seitan made in Florence, NJ, Certified kosher and organic tofu from Fresh Tofu in Allentown, PA
Costs: $420.00 ($17.50/share) • 6 monthly payments • $70.00 per month

SNAP Half Share: Same as the Full Share above but biweekly
12 biweekly pickups • June–November
Costs: $210.00 ($17.50/share) • 6 monthly payments • $35.00 per month

SNAP Fruit & Veggie Share: 24 weekly pickups • June–November
• A seasonal assortment (4-5 items) of locally grown, fresh vegetables
• A selection of 1-2 fruits that reflects the abundance of the season
Costs: $240.00 ($10.00/share) • 6 monthly payments • $40.00 per month

Locations & Times

Click here to see all of the locations and times.


The Farm Share season begins the week of June 7th and ends the week of November 15th. Your day and time depend on your pickup location. If you want to sign up and the season has already started, don’t worry!  We prorate any applications received after May 31 so that you won’t pay for the weeks you missed. Don’t sign up too late though – strawberries and asparagus come early in the season!

SNAP Payment Schedule

SNAP Share members will be asked to make six monthly payments. Each monthly payment will cover four shares: $40.00 for Fruit & Veggie Shares, $35.00 for Half Shares, and $70.00 for Full Shares. The first payment is due by May 31st – before the first scheduled pick-up date – so as to avoid any retroactive payments. All payment dates are set to be on or after the 10th business day of the month, at which point all Access benefit accounts should be refilled. NOTE: Subscriptions to join the Summer 2018 Farm Share as a SNAP Share member will not be considered complete until applicants have made their first monthly payment.


Payment Due Date Coverage Cost
Pre-Payment: May 18 Weeks 1 – 4 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)
Week 2: June 14, 15, or 16 Weeks 5 – 8 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)
Week 7: July 19, 20, or 21 Weeks 9 – 12 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)
Week 11: August 16, 17, or 18 Weeks 13 – 16 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)
Week 16: September 20, 21, or 22 Weeks 17 – 20 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)
Week 20: October 18, 19, or 20 Weeks 21 – 24 $40 (Fruit & Veggie) / $35 (Half) / $70 (Full)

Payment methods

SNAP Share members are welcome to use EBT Access cards or other forms of payment, including debit card, credit card, Philly Food Bucks, personal check, or cash. However, Greensgrow can only issue Philly Food Bucks for payments made using an EBT Access card.


For every $5.00 spent on the SNAP Share using an EBT Access card, Greensgrow will issue one Philly Food Buck coupon, worth $2.00. For the Summer 2018 Farm Share, we are ensuring that all payments due will be divisible by $5.00 to ensure that SNAP Share members get the greatest amount of Philly Food Bucks possible. Philly Food Bucks can be used to purchase produce at Farmers’ Markets and at other sites selling local fruits and vegetables, including Greensgrow’s Farmstand! Philly Food Bucks can be used to make purchases made at Greensgrow’s Farmstand and mini Markets as well as to pay for future payments of your SNAP Share!
NOTE: Philly Food Bucks expire at the end of the year in which they were issued.

Cost per
Cost of Monthly
Total Return in
Philly Food Bucks*
Fruit & Veggie $10.00 $40.00 $240.00 $96.00 $144.00
Half Share $17.50 $35.00 $210.00 $84.00 $126.00
Full Share $17.50 $70.00 $420.00 $168.00 $252.00

* = Philly Food Bucks are only available when paying with EBT Access card

** = Cost of Farm Share share if all Philly Food Bucks received are used to pay for future shares

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