Greensgrow engages our neighborhoods in cultivating social entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, and community greening.

mission_banner_outlineOur Values

Caring for the planet
We value waste reduction and reuse, employ organic farming principles, and support farmers who share our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Caring for people
We provide fair and supportive workplaces, are committed to the success of our customers, and carry products and services that improve quality of life.

Educating by doing
We lead by example and inspire others to achieve their own visions for healthy and verdant communities.

Staying local
We are dedicated to supporting regional farmers and producers within 150 miles of Philadelphia.

Welcoming everyone
We create spaces that are open for all to learn, share, grow, and nurture themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods.

Maintaining transparency
We are open and honest in our business practices, and committed to sharing our successes and failures for public benefit.

Being groundbreaking
We believe in pushing ourselves to lead cultivation of a healthier, greener city.

Greensgrow’s 2020 Vision
By 2020, people in Philadelphia and communities all across America will see urban agriculture as a useful tool in creating and sustaining regional food economies. The multifaceted urban agriculture work of Greensgrow will be seen as a model for creating livable, sustainable, connected communities.