There are many facets to our operation. Our staff are divided into those that know about plants and growing and those that know about food and cooking, some that are most familiar with our non profit programming, though we do have our know it alls too.
We do our best to answer your questions when you visit us! he questions below are the ones we hear most often.

Q: What is Greensgrow?
Greensgrow is a non profit organization that began as an urban farm.

Q: How did Greensgrow get started?
A: Greensgrow was started in 1997 by Mary Seton Corboy and Tom Sereduk as a hydroponic lettuce farm. These days we grow in raised bed high tunnels and do a whole lot more. To get the full story go to the History page.

Q: Can I volunteer here?
A: Yes! To volunteer-please let us know a little about yourself by filling out the Volunteer Form. When we are looking for large amounts of volunteers we post them on the website, in our newsletters and on social media.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: In general, we hire seasonal help in the late winter/early spring. Other jobs are listed on an as need basis here. We encourage you to join our newsletter list where we post news alerts like job opportunities.

Q: Where’s the bathroom?
A: At Greensgrow Farms we have a composting toilet. It’s groovy! At Greensgrow West, there’s a port -o-potty.

Q: Are your locations handicapped accessible?
A: Yes. Though we do not have facilities designed specifically for the handicapped, we welcome many handicapped guests. We do anything we can to help accommodate you navigate our locations The gravel on our pathways present some mobility issues.

Q: Is it OK if I bring my dog in?
A: Yes, you can bring your well behaved and friendly dog to the farm. Please be aware that there are other animals at our locations. If your dog has any issues getting along with other animals, cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, turtles, children or adults- it is not the best place for a visit.

Q: Can I bring in my food scraps for you to compost?
A: No-sorry, we cannot accept your compostables. Consider joining a composting program or getting into vermicomposting.

Q: Do you have a credit card minimum?
A: Yes, we have a $20.00 credit card minimum.