Audio & Video

Cooking & Food

  • Jimmy Pops Corn on the Cob

    CSA Manager Jimmy shares voluminous microwave expertise.

  • Jimmy Peels an Apple with a Cordless Drill

    Jimmy pairs the spade bit and peeler for the perfect holiday treat!

  • How to Properly Wash Kale

    Rebecca demonstrates how to wash sandy kale from local farms.

  • Is Your Bean Ripe?

    How to Tell if Your Bean is Ripe, courtesy of BGgarden.com.

CSA: Why Become A Member?

  • CSA Party Highlights

    New and returning Greensgrow CSA members share why they look forward to receiving fresh, local produce each week. From our 2013 CSA Party.

  • Eat More Veggies & Try New Things!

  • Families Love Cooking & Eating Together

    A family of returning Summer CSA members tells us why they joined — and what they love about their membership! (Summer CSA Party 2013)

  • Don Loves the Summer CSA

    Our beekeeper, Don, loves discovering fresh, new foods in our Summer CSA. (Summer CSA Party 2013)

  • Become A Workshare!

    A workshare member of our Summer CSA shares her love for Greensgrow Farms and talks about how much fun she has carrying vegetables. (Summer CSA Party 2013)

Farm Animals

  • Milkshake the Pig, 2011

  • Chickens: Weeding & Fertilizing

    The girls do their work in the high tunnels.

  • Chickens: Takin Names

    Our first flock was named after various friends –you know who you are!

Farmer Profiles

  • Queens Farm

    Ed Yin from Queens Farm in West Chester turned his home farm into a beautiful labyrinth of 250 Asian and American organic vegetables. Whether it’s at a local Asian grocery, Farmers Markets such as the Headhouse Market in Philly, or in your CSA, Ed’s determined to provide his customers with the freshest organic produce.

  • A.T. Buzby Farm

    Dawn and Andrew Buzby started A.T. Buzby Farm in 1981 and it’s been a labor of love ever since. They operate on 170 acres in Salem County, NJ. Greensgrow has been working with the Buzby for years, they are a diversified farm and provide us with everything from squash to tomatoes to kiwiberries for our CSA and farmstand.


Greensgrow LIFE: Local Initiative for Food Education

  • LIFE 1: Growing Great Strawberries

    How to grow great strawberries taught through the LIFE program.

  • LIFE 2: Strawberry Jam & Shortcake Part 1

    Mary Corboy & Chef Corbin Evans talk strawberries

  • LIFE 3: Strawberry Jam & Shortcake Part 2

    Mary Corboy & Chef Corbin Evans talk strawberries and pots

  • LIFE 4: Blueberry Lemonade

    Mary Corboy & Chef Corbin Evans talk organic vs. conventional blueberries and make some blueberry lemonade.

  • LIFE 5: Blueberry Pancakes

    Mary Corboy & Chef Corbin Evans make a baked soufflé blueberry pancake and quick blueberry syrup.

  • LIFE 6: Greenbeans & Minestrone

    Mary Corboy, Chef Corbin Evans talk green beans and make a summer minestrone. Learn green beans and carrot preparation techniques as well as what haricot vert, mirepoix and mis en place are.

Greensgrow on the Radio

  • Philadelphia Agenda: Brad Segall with Mary

    Mary provides updates about urban farming and programs at our Kensington and West Philly locations.

  • NPR: This I Believe

    Mary reading her essay about the power of physical labor.

  • Jacks Farm Radio

    Host Dan Heckler with Mary. December 2013.

  • Mike the Gardener

    Jay from the farmstand interview with the popular host of the “Vegetable Gardening” facebook page. 2014

  • Philadelphia Agenda: Brad Segall with Bradford

    Greensgrow Community Kitchen Supervisor Bradford Bucknum talks Greensgrow on Philadelphia Agenda with Brad Segall. From June 16, 2013.

  • NPR: Science Friday

    Founder Mary Seton-Corboy talks urban agriculture and the history of Greensgrow Farms on NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow. From May 18, 2012.

Greensgrow on TV!

  • CBS Eye on the Community: Target Partnership

    Target supports Greensgrow’s Young Farmers Club, a youth education program that uses urban agriculture to teach about science, health, and the environment.

  • WHYY: Friday Arts

    Greensgrow Farms, David Lynch, & Visual Soundscapes, November 2014

  • NBC 10: Solar Farmstand

    NBC introduces our solar farmstand with comments from Mary.

  • PBS: Growing a Greener World

    Growing a Greener World is an award-winning TV show appearing on national Public Television that features organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table cooking. Host Joe Lamp’l filmed their pilot here in 2008.

  • Harvest from the Hood

    Philadelphia Brewing Company, our friend and neighbor uses our hops each year as part of it’s Harvest from the Hood beer. Awesome!

  • CookingChannel.com

    The Market Place, Greensgrow Farms, CookingChannel.com

  • NBC: Today Show

    Millionaire Hal Taussig Spreads the Wealth, Today’s American Story with Bob Dodson, Today Show

  • PBS: GardenSmart

    Mary & Joe Lamp’l on green roofs at the Philadelphia Flower Show, GardenSmart

  • CBS: Field of Greens

    with Rita Braver, Sunday Morning, CBS, 2007

Greensgrow: History & Overview

  • Growers of Neighborhoods

    A small taste of what Greensgrow is all about as told by Katelyn Repash and Jimmy Matesevac!
    By Philadelphia Neighborhoods1.

  • Mary on Greensgrow’s Past, Present & Future

    By Chelsea Calhoun

  • Mary on the Greensgrow Mission

    Subaru interviews Mary at the Fall Festival.

  • Think. Feel. Drive.

    Sponsored by Subaru

  • Crop Circles

    Produced by Big Tea Party, 2003
    Special feature – Mary with hair

  • Eco Trip

    Traction for Life, Sundance Channel, sponsored by Subaru

  • Subaru Video

    A Great Video Covering Who We Are, What We Do: Sponsored by Subaru, 2012

Growing Tips: Food & Flowers

  • Up-Potting How-To

    Maureen, one of our horticulture specialists, explains how to up-pot your plants when they outgrow their current pot.

  • Living Wall Workshop at Greensgrow Farms

    Maureen helps a workshop participant choose and pot the right plants for his space in his new Woolly Pocket living wall planter.

  • How to Prune Your Tomatoes

  • How to Tie Up Your Tomatoes

  • Mary Talks Hydroponics

    Mary talks hydroponics back in the day, 2008

Kitchen Workshops

  • Medicinal Herb Workshop Summer 2015

    Herban Momma’s introduction on making Medicinal Herbs.

  • Gazpacho Workshop

    Cold Soups Workshop with Aliza Green, Green Gazpacho with Garlic, Grapes and Almonds, June 2013

  • Undercover Gluten-Free Workshop

    Gluten-free Vietnamese cuisine workshop with Laura Hahn, Gluten-Free Summer Rolls, May 2013

  • Canning Workshop

    Canning Workshop with Marisa McClellan, Pear Vanilla Jam, 2012


  • Follow us to Greensgrow West’s new spot!

    Join us on a speedy walk from Greensgrow West’s original location to our new location at 5123 Baltimore Avenue. Taken on our Moving Day, August 9, 2016.

  • Biodiesel at Greensgrow

    Steve Richter making biodiesel at Greensgrow back in the day, 2008

SNAP Box Program

  • SNAP Box Program Reflections 2015

    Through our SNAP Box Program, we distribute boxes of fresh, local fruits and vegetables each week that are payable with ACCESS cards. We also hold cooking classes on each pick up day, to learn how to use all the fresh produce in the share that week. Learn more.

Subaru Fall Festival at Greensgrow Farms

  • 2013 Subaru Fall Festival

    Highlights from the 6th Annual Subaru Fall Festival at Greensgrow Farms. From Saturday, September 28, 2013. Video credit: Stephanie Price.

  • Peppers at the Fall Festival

    In PA we see a huge variety of peppers. We bring out the roaster!

  • Mayor Nutter at Greensgrow!

    Subaru interviews Philadelphia Mayor Nutter

  • Fall Festival Montage

    A quick recap of our Fall Festival fun!