Urban Farm

People come to Greensgrow for many reasons, but urban agriculture has always been our claim to fame. We still have a lot to learn, but coaxing healthy vegetables out of what was once a factory site never ceases to amaze staff and visitors alike. Each season we grow over 20 different types of vegetables, totaling over 2000 pounds of fresh produce for the market and Farm Share. When you come to the farm you will see our 3 large raised beds. These continue to be the powerhouses of our growing system, but our small hydroponic systems, greenhouse, smart containers and off-site farm contribute to a wholistic community of food production in Kensington. We have greens year-round in the high tunnels!

Greensgrow is a testament to hard work and harder heads. It began life as a hydroponic lettuce farm, growing thirteen different varieties of lettuce and mustard greens for the restaurant trade. The hydroponics system has been replaced by high tunnels and container plantings and we continue to developing new ways to grow food on old land. Today the focus of the farm is open to the public; a retail and community hub, with expanding educational and outreach programs, as well as a wholesale grower. We wholesale our produce to a group of local restaurants and sell it at our farmstand. Now when you visit the farm you will see many projects happening, the result of many years of trial and error. You can visit our animals, check out the beehives and our composting systems, see a variety of innovative growing techniques for food and flowers, puruse the latest gardening products and large variety of plants. On Thursdays and Saturdays (in season) you can visit the farmstand, learn about becoming a Farm Share member. Join in one of our gardening or culinary workshops.