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Dear Friends,

There’s a lot happening at the farm every day. It can be hard to keep track of it all. When I tell the story of Greensgrow – to group of kids from around the corner, or a delegation from around the world – I explain one simple thing about why we do so much: our job is to ensure the farm (and farming) is valuable to everyone in the neighborhoods we serve. Sometimes that value is huge, like when we help a local culinary entrepreneur bring their idea to market – and provide them their first big contract. Sometimes it’s more subtle, like when our neighbor Alexandra chooses the long route to school in order to pass by the chickens. But we move with the conviction, and the promise, that each of our neighbors find some reason to be glad Greensgrow is here.

We know you find value in what we do. We’re the place you go when you’re looking for that perfect flower, christmas tree, or ripe local peach; when you have an out of town guest you want to impress; or when you just want to surround yourself with flowers as a respite from the urban jungle. The new farm in West Philly is a major step in our mission to share that value with other parts of the city, and there’s more big news on the horizon as we continue to grow.

Help us with a donation today towards all the other sides of Greensgrow that you may not see – the Community Kitchen, the SNAP Share program, the Young Farmer’s Club, Mary’s Community Fund, our garden consultations, the Mobile Market, and the countless hours of education we provide to beginning gardeners young and old. Each of these programs shares the Greensgrow experience with someone new, and grows the movement for a greener, healthier, and happier city.

We depend on people like you to keep those programs growing.
Support the campaign for our SNAP Share program to keep fresh local fruits and vegetables in our neighbors’ fridges.

Add a boost to our many other programs, like the Young Farmer’s Club, that keep farming relevant to the life of the city.


Thanks for being a part of our family, and for helping us grow a greener and stronger Philadelphia for the next 20 years.

With love,

– Ryan & the Greensgrow crew

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