SNAP Share

Many families in Philadelphia have limited access to affordable, nutritious food. At Greensgrow, we are committed to growing healthy communities. In 2013, we introduced our SNAP Box Program, an affordable option for SNAP-eligible families who want access to fruits and vegetables on a regular, weekly basis. In 2016 we were able to increase accessibility by running the program through the winter season. Now known as the SNAP Share, in 2017, we have incorporated the program into the Greensgrow CSA program.

With the SNAP Share, we aim to break down some of the barriers (financial, logistical, and educational) many families face in making healthy choices. Through our efforts, we work to create a more equitable food system and continue supporting our local farms and farmers.

The SNAP Share

The share is all locally grown, seasonal, and fresh; 5 veggies + 1 fruit weekly (24 weeks). Monthly shares cost $34.00 ($8.50 weekly) and members can pay using their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. For every $5 spent using SNAP benefits, members receive $2.00 in Philly Food Bucks which can be used to purchase more locally-grown produce at participating farmers markets. That means each month members can earn up $12.00 in Philly Food Bucks, helping their SNAP benefits stretch a bit further!

Becoming a Member

Interested in becoming a SNAP Share member? You only need to be eligible for SNAP benefits. Check your eligibility status by visiting this website or calling the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger’s SNAP benefits hotline at 215.430.0556.


The SNAP Share isn’t available at all of the locations. When you go to the sign up page choose either:

Greensgrow Farms
, 2501 E. Cumberland Street, Kensington, Thursdays • 3pm–7pm or Saturdays • 10am–2pm

Greensgrow West, 5123 Baltimore Avenue, West Philadelphia, Fridays • 4pm–6:30pm

Sign Up

On the sign up page, when you get to “Choose your payment plan” select “SNAP Shares”.
Sign up here!

Payment Information

Once you agree to join our SNAP Share, you are committing to the entire season which runs for 24 weeks. We ask that SNAP Share members pay ahead for the full month. Payments are due on the first pickup of every month (payment schedule below).


If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact us at or 215.427.2780 ext. 2

Payment Schedule

All SNAP Share payments are due by the following dates listed below:
For pickup in June –> June 1st, 2nd or 3rd
For pickup in July –> June 29th, 30th or July 1st
For pickup in August –> July 31st, Aug 1st or Aug 2nd
For pickup in September –> Aug 31st, Sept 1st, Sept 2nd
For pickup in October –> Oct 5th, Oct 6th or Oct 7th
For pickup in November –> Nov 2nd, Nov 3rd, Nov 4th