Mary’s Community Fund Application

Mary’s Community Fund is a legacy project to continue the life and work of Mary Seton Corboy, the founder of Greensgrow and a visionary in supporting a greener Philadelphia. The Fund provides small grants to individuals or organizations in Kensington, the Riverwards, and West Philadelphia for projects that will:

  • Improve neighborhood public spaces;
  • Beautify the community;
  • Nurture a shared sense of neighborhood identity and community pride

Applications will be accepted from individuals, neighborhood associations, churches, schools, non-profits, and other community-based groups. The project must primarily benefit either the greater Kensington/Riverwards or West Philadelphia neighborhoods.

To be eligible, a project must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must represent a specific neighborhood or organization and have assembled a team of people willing to work together on the project;
  • Projects must align with Greensgrow’s commitment to creating a greener and healthier city.
  • Project location must be in Kensington, Riverwards or West Philadelphia. If the proposed project site is on private property, applicants must obtain written permission from the property owner to complete the project before applying for funds from Greensgrow.
  • While it is preferable that projects take place within our priority neighborhood areas, Greensgrow will consider any project that plans for, and seeks to maximize, positive benefits for other neighborhoods.
  • Applicant groups must have a plan for maintenance of the project.

Each applicant group may request up to $1000 in direct grant support towards the project budget.

  • Applications will be screened and selected by a committee of Greensgrow staff, neighbors, and representatives from Mary’s family.
  • Awarded groups will receive funds no later than May 2017.
  • All funding must be spent within 6 months of the date it is received (variances will be granted on a case-by case basis).
  • Groups must submit a report by October 2017 updating Greensgrow on the status of the project and any impact.

Need Some Ideas?
Some examples of projects that might be eligible for funding include:

  • Neighborhood and alley cleanup and maintenance
  • Trash and debris pickup along fence lines, major thoroughfares and common areas
  • Volunteer projects that adopt a street or bus stop and help maintain it as a cleaner and more environmentally pleasant place
  • Window boxes for vacant houses

Application and Selection Process

  • Think about potential projects.
  • Review the application below or click here to download a pdf.
  • Submit your application and budget worksheet by March 11, 2017 (must be received by this date) to, or mail to:
    Attn: Mary’s Community Fund
    2503 East Firth St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Grantees will be notified on March 18 and announced at our 20th Anniversary Opening Event on March 25.
  • The selection committee has the right to decline an application that does not meet the stated intent and criteria of the program, which is a competitive process.
  • Once funds are approved, the project must be executed before Oct. 31, 2017. Funding must be spent during the award year and is available only as reimbursement for expenses or as payment directly to vendors. Greensgrow will work with approved groups throughout the project.
  • Be sure to take before and after photos of the project area to turn in with receipts of expenses in your final report.
  • This grant program is an annual opportunity.

Mary's Community Fund Application

  • Your Project

  • List the primary partners in this project and their roles.
  • Describe your idea.
  • Contact Information

  • Your Team & Impact

  • Budget Expenses

    Include amount you are budgeting for each expense.
  • Excluding Mary's Community Fund, please list any in-kind donation, cash contributions, etc. you expect to receive for this project.
  • If you answered yes, please let us know from whom and how much. If no, how will the remainder of the funds be secured?