Vertical Gardening

Growing vertically is a great way to go, especially for those of us who have limited space. We’ll help you find the right plant for your vertical garden, whether it’s inside or out, sun or shade, ornamental or edible. We have options for vertical planters, like Wooly Pockets and Bright Green Line self-watering modular planters. These let you change or rearrange your plants as often as you like. Come see the variety of vertical growing installations on the farm; there’s a Wooly pocket gate, our living info kiosk (made from pallets), or trellised tomatoes. Try our recycled pallet garden workshop, we love to find new ways to recycle objects that often get discarded! Our staff can help you brainstorm your own DIY planters, too.

We’ve got granular slow-release fertilizers as well as fish emulsion to keep your plants happy and blooming, great for confined growing spaces. Come see our trellises and wide selection of vining plants – bright tropicals or hardy perennials for sun and shade. A tropical passion flower or hops vine can cover a wall in no time at all, a fragrant jasmine vine can let your imagination go on vacation. Herbs, salad greens or even veggies in a Wooly Pocket can give you the ultimate kitchen garden, in your kitchen! Or maybe you want to grow right on a wall with no strings attached? Get a Moss Milkshake!