Our Farmstand runs by the motto “fresh, local and delicious”, and is an extension of our mission to bring Philadelphians quality produce and locally prepared provisions. Alongside our fruits and veggies, our farmstand has refrigerators and a freezer, stocked with all local items including dairy products from raw milk to cheese, eggs, hummus, meat-free proteins, and humanely and sustainably raised meats.

The produce and prepared foods on our farmstand are sourced in 3 different ways:

1. We purchase from farmers that we trust, shake hands with, and look in the eye; all within our local foodshed. We define that as 150 miles.

2. We harvest organically grown food crops here at Greensgrow Farms, and you’ll see the “Greensgrow Grown” label on those items, or find them under the banner that says the same. Signs for these items on the farmstand have a bright green border as well.

3. We make a line of “Greensgrow Made” prepared foods in our licensed community kitchen, always made from the same produce we buy or harvest for our farmstand, so you can trust the quality of each item with our label.

Because we only provide food acquired according to the three methods mentioned above, you can ask our staff members about each product, and we’ll know where it came from and how it was grown. Additionally, you’ll only see seasonal produce on our farm stand. That means that you’ll only get the freshest and most nutritious produce, that was harvested to order, and has the least possibly food miles from soil to plate.  However, it also means that our selection is true to the season, so strawberries only make an appearance in early summer, and we don’t have corn in the fall.

Our farmstand also hosts guest vendors each week, so you can meet other local food producers or farmers such as Philadelphia’s coffee roasters, bakers, ice cream makers, pasta makers, and more. Become a Farm Fan and stay in the loop. We’ll send you a text reminder each week, along with updates on new products!

See you at the farmstand!