Work Shares

Each season we make a few work share jobs available. For a reduced price on the Farm Share, work shares help us get shares ready, stock the tables, and other  related tasks. The work share program is an excellent opportunity to save some dollars on your share, and a chance to be a part of the team that connects our farms to your plate. See what goes on behind the scenes, ask more in depth questions, and learn about local agriculture. Meet fellow members, help them navigate the pick up and answer their questions. Get to know more of our community, and have fun doing it.

Please remember, this is a WORK Share, and at times it will be hard work; lifting heavy boxes, stocking and portioning produce in all manner of hot, cold, wet, and dry weather. It is a lot of fun, although hot and sweaty work!

First Sign Up for Your Farm Share

Then return here and fill out the form below. If selected for the Work Share program you will be contacted no later than November 18th. The discount will be taken off of your online account. No phone calls, please.

To receive a $125 discount, you must complete five 4-hour shifts.
To receive a $250 discount, you must complete ten 4-hour shifts.

Schedule: You will be asked to schedule your time well in advance and time slots are first come first serve. If you miss a shift you will be billed and will not be accepted for service next season.

We are no longer taking applications for Winter CSA 2017-18.