What’s in the Share

  • Winter CSA Share
  • Winter CSA Share
  • Winter CSA Share

Expect fall crops like apples, pears, radishes, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, beets, and other tubers; greenhouse-grown herbs, and lettuces; local mushrooms; and greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and fennel grown by our farmer friends (look forward to asparagus in the spring!). You will also receive some frozen fruits and vegetables, like raspberries from Lancaster, or New York State sweet corn. Meat shares receive a local meat; a whole chicken, grass fed beef, or wild caught salmon. Rounding out the share is your choice of local milk, tofu, seitan, yogurt, butter, or eggs. Occasionally, we will include a fun, locally made item into the share, like Greensgrow made jam or or items from favorite Philly-area producers of honey, pasta, or local freshly milled grains. This year’s vegetarian and vegan shares can expect some Greensgrow grown produce to be included in their share.

Check out the photo gallery from last year’s share above.

Meat vs. Veggie vs. Vegan Shares

Choose between three share types: meat, vegetarian, or vegan. In the meat share, you will receive 5-7 produce items, a choice of one protein item (eggs, milk, butter, seitan, tofu, or yogurt), and a local meat. Vegetarian and vegan shares will receive 2-4 additional veggies. In the instance that a cheese or other non-vegan item is included in the share, Vegan Share members will receive a comparable vegan substitute.

Members select a dairy or vegetable protein option online to receive with each share. This is how we keep excess inventory to a minimum and manage our costs. You can change your selection through the season. If you don’t change your selection, it will remain the same throughout the season. We will email you a reminder each week to update to your preference!

CSA members sign up, pay and select their preferences at: greensgrow.csasignup.com

Sample shares from last winter:


1 Bag Mixed Lettuce
1 Bunch Komatsuna
3/4 Lb. Cremini Mushrooms
1 Bunch Mixed Radishes
1 Bunch Leeks
1 Kabocha Squash
1 Quart Cranberries
Dairy: Choice of Dozen Eggs, Quart of Milk, 2 6-oz. Yogurts, Butter, Tofu or Seitan
Meat Shares Add: Choice of 2 Salmon Fillets or Feta & Dill Salmon Burgers
Veggie Shares Add:
2 Lbs. Eva White Potatoes
1 Bunch Brussels Sprouts
1 Bunch Collards
1 Bunch Ramps
1 Bunch Spring Onions
1 Bunch Tokyo Bakana
1 Head Lettuce
1.5 Lbs. Lehigh Gold Potatoes.
Pantry: Commonwealth Hard Cider or Apple Cider
Dairy: Choice of Dozen Eggs, Quart of Milk, 2 6-oz. Yogurts, Butter, Tofu or Seitan
Meat Shares Add: NY Strip, Sirloin, or Delmonico Steak, Ground or Chip Beef
Veggie Shares Add:
1 Bag Frozen Cauliflower
2 Lbs. Portobello Mushrooms
1 Bunch Kale