What’s Changed?

Bread Share: New add on share from Metropolitan Bakery.

Small Vegetarian/Vegan Share: A new option if you would like a smaller share of great local produce!

Schedule: The program is now 11 pickups instead of 10. The SNAP Share runs for 10 pickups.

New Winter CSA Location • BeerLove
For our customers who love our pick up in Queen Village you can join through the winter too this year.
BeerLove (South Philly) • 714 S 4th St. • Philadelphia, PA 19147 • Saturday 12-2pm

Credit Card Fees are included in the front end pricing.
Our share prices appear 3% higher even though we have not raised the price. Farmigo, our new online system, includes credit card processing fees in the share price. If you pay cash or check you will receive a 3% discount on your total purchase to eliminate the credit card charge. The benefit is for those that chose to pay with a credit card, you know exactly how much you will pay once you sign up!

This year members must pay 2 weeks BEFORE the beginning of the season. We will no longer accept payments at the first pick up. We encourage you to make your payment in full at the time of application. You can make payments in full or in 2 installments

We now have a cancellation and refund policy
Members that decide to cancel their share can do so at any time, but we will only offer a refund until January 28th. If cancelling before January 28th we offer 75% of the cost of remaining shares.

SNAP Box Program is now the SNAP Share
The SNAP Share is now part of our CSA pickup! We fused the programs together over the summer to (1) offer longer pickup times (2) ensure that we are facilitating a culture of inclusion (3) merge the food team and our resources. SNAP Share members can register through the online portal and will pick up their share at any of our three pick-up sites. Members also now have the option to choose between any of the 3 share types we offer! Most other elements of the program remain the same as the SNAP Box Program. SNAP Share members can pay using their SNAP benefits and will receive Philly Food Bucks for every $5 spent.

New CSA member software; it’s mobile, it’s fun, it’s easy!
We have changed to a new software platform called Farmigo! We found that the interface is more user friendly so although you will have to create a new account if you weren’t part of our summer Farm Share, we think the improved experience is well worth it.

Farm Share Hotline number has changed: Call: 215-427-2780 ext. 2
When we decided to merge the Farm Share and SNAP program we found that we had four phone numbers! We now have one number 215-427-2780 ext 2.

Email is preferred if you are having a pickup issue
We want you to use the Farm Share Hotline whenever you need to. If you are having an issue with picking up your share or other issues, please email csa@greengrow.org with your name, pickup location, day, share type, and we can take it from there. Email is the best way for us to track any necessary changes to make sure you receive your share and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We are often on the move and don’t always check our voicemails fast enough!

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