Costs & Payment Options

Meat Share  • $550*
11 bi-weekly pickups • $50.00/share*

Large Vegetarian or Vegan Share  • $495*
11 bi-weekly pickups • $45.00/share*

Small Vegetarian or Vegan Share  • $390*
11 bi-weekly pickups • $35.45/share*

These will be automatically rolled into your payment plan if you sign up for them.

Cheese Share • $150*
5 pickups • $30/share*

Coffee Share • $175*
5 pickups • $30/share*

Bread Share  • $77*
11 pickups • $7/share*

* Prices do not include the 3% Credit Card Fees that you will see included in the front end pricing when you sign up. If you choose to pay by cash or check you will receive a 3% discount during sign up to eliminate the credit card charge.

Pro-rated Costs
If you want to sign up and the season has already started, don’t worry!  We prorate our shares so that you won’t pay for the weeks you missed. The prorated price depends upon when you sign up and what items you choose. Don’t sign up too late though – we cut off sign up in February!

Payment Options

Your spot in the Farm Share cannot be reserved until we have received your application and first payment.

  • Up Front: Submit payment for the entire cost of your share now, so you don’t have to worry about it later.
  • Installments: If you pay in installments, please include your first payment with the application. Pay the other installments according to due dates in the Greensgrow Winter Farm Share Agreement 2017-18. We will invoice you via email through our online management system.
  • Cash: Do not mail cash. Please bring it to our office or your pick up with your completed application.
  • Check: Checks can be accepted with your completed application by mail or in person at: Greensgrow Farms, Attention: Farm Share, 2503 E. Firth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125. Please include the name of the person on the CSA account and the season.
  • Credit Card: ONLINE ONLY. We offer members the option of paying for shares via credit card, through our sign up portal. We require a 3% convenience fee to process these payments. Click here to apply and pay online. We do not take credit card payments for the Farm Share at the cash register.


Payment Schedule

This year members must pay 2 weeks BEFORE the beginning of the season. We will no longer accept payments at the first pick up. We encourage you to make your payment in full at the time of application.

You can make payments in full or in 2 installments.
1st Payment Due: November 17, 2017
Final Payment Due: No later than January 19, 2018

Refund/Cancelation Policy
Members that decide to cancel their share can do so at any time, but we will only offer a refund until January 28th. If cancelling before January 28th we offer 75% of the cost of remaining shares. We keep 25% for our own processing fees and because of the commitments we make to our farmers before the season starts. Part of the philosophy behind a Farm Share is to guarantee purchases before the season starts as a way of offering support to our beloved growers, and we always honor our commitments despite member fluctuations.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at (215) 427-2780 x2 or email