What’s in the Share

Share Types: Full Share vs. Half Share

Full Shares pickup every week.
Half Shares pickup every other week.
The full share is a good fit for those who cook for themselves most of the time, and need a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables every week. Some members split a full share with a friend or roommate. The half share option is well suited to smaller households or families that like to eat out or take breaks from cooking. With a half share, you’ll get the same amount of food as a full share each time, but you’ll pick up every other week. Half share members pick up on either an A Week or a B Week, sign up early to have the choice of A or B Week schedule.

What’s in the Share
• A seasonal assortment (5-8 items) of locally grown vegetables
• A selection of fruit that reflects the abundance of the season
• A dairy/protein option that includes your choice of one of the following: 2 cups of Pequea Valley Yogurt, Amish Roll Butter, 1 dozen eggs (cage-free and antibiotic-free), 12 oz. Michael’s Savory Seitan, Certified kosher organic tofu from Fresh Tofu.
• 8 times during the season, there will be a locally made cheese in the share. Full shares will receive cheese 8 times, half shares will receive cheese 4 times.
• In your share throughout the season you may also receive a locally produced prepared food. In the past we’ve included “Harvest from the Hood” beer from Philadelphia Brewing Company, pasta or ice cream.

Take a look at the photo gallery of last year’s shares here.

Sample Shares Summer 2014:

June: Dozen Eggs • Strawberries • Sweet Cherries • Garlic Scapes • Red Russian Kale • Peas • Head Lettuce • Knob Pickles • Fava Beans

August: Pequea Valley Strawberry Yogurt (2) • Raspberries • Yellow Nectarines • New Carrots • Collard Greens • Sweet Onions • Jersey Sweet Corn • Beefsteak Tomatoes • Eggplant

October: Quark Cheese • Fresh Tofu • Mutsu Apples • Kiwi Berries • Red Leaf Lettuce • Sweet Potato • Long Hot Pepper • Arugula • Green Beans • Icicle Radish

November: Amish Roll Butter • Cranberries • Asian Pear • PBC Harvest from the Hood • Romaine Lettuce • Red Beets • Leeks • Butternut Squash • Kale • Parsley

Add-On Shares

We are offering a limited amount of Cheese and Coffee add-on shares this summer for members who pick up at the farm on Saturdays. Read more about those here.