What’s in the Share

We source the items in your share locally, working directly with farmers from across our region (within 150 miles of the city) to provide a balance of staples and fun, distinctive items. Our Farm Share is a cooperative effort, with the sources of your food ranging from generations-old farms in southern New Jersey, to orchards in Delaware, to a fledgling Lancaster County co-op of single-family farms.

Full & Half Share

Full Share: pickup every week (24 weeks) | Half Shares: pickup every other week (12 weeks)

The Full Share is a good fit for those who cook for themselves often and need a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables every week. Some members split a full share with a friend or roommate. The Half Share option is well suited to smaller households or families that like to eat out or take breaks from cooking. Half Share members pick up on either an A or a B Week schedule, sign up early to have your pick.

• A seasonal assortment (7-10 items) of locally grown, fresh vegetables
• A selection of fruit that reflects the abundance of the season
• A dairy/protein option that includes your choice of one of the following; 2 cups of Pequea Valley Yogurt, ½ lb. Amish Roll butter, 1 dozen eggs (cage-free and antibiotic-free), 12 oz. Michael’s Savory Seitan made in Florence, NJ, Certified kosher, GMO-free and organic tofu from Fresh Tofu in Allentown, PA
• Full shares will receive a locally made cheese 6 times during the season, half shares will receive cheese 3 times. We always offer a vegan substitute.
• In your share throughout the season you may also receive a locally produced prepared food. In the past we’ve included “Harvest from the Hood” beer from Philadelphia Brewing Company, cider, honey or jam. You can add on meat, artisan cheese, locally roasted coffee and more, find out about our add on shares here.

Examples from last year:

May: Dozen Eggs, Strawberries, Mixed Salad Greens, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Spring Onions, Golden Beets, Collard Greens

August: Fresh Mozzarella, Yogurt (2), Watermelon, Red Kale, Heirloom Tomatoes, Long Hot Peppers, Garlic, Jersey Sweet Corn

September: Fresh Tofu, Gala Apples, Bartlet Pears, Sweet Onions, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Kamatsuna Greens, Acorn Squash, Black Radishes, Savoy Cabbage

November: Amish Roll Butter, Cranberries, PBC Harvest from the Hood, Brussels Sprouts, Green Tomatoes, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Broccoli Raab, Eva Potatoes

Fruit & Veggie Share

Fruit & Veggie Shares pickup every week (24 weeks)
The Fruit & Veggie Share is a smaller share with a weekly pick up, it does not include a dairy/protein option and will generally have fruits and vegetables that are more familiar. This share is good for small households or people that cook a couple of times per week. Includes:
• A seasonal assortment (4-5 items) of locally grown, fresh vegetables
• A selection of 1-2 fruits that reflects the abundance of the season
Does not include our dairy/protein option.

SNAP Share

SNAP Share members can choose between the shares listed above. To make these shares affordable and accessible, Greensgrow subsidizes the cost of these shares so that members pay the same wholesale price that we purchase the produce for. SNAP Share members are also welcome to enroll in the add-on programs (i.e. Cheese Share, Coffee Share, Bread Share), however Greensgrow is unable to lower the price on these items. More about the SNAP Share and income eligibility requirements here.