Q: What is a CSA?
A: A CSA is a two-way seasonal commitment between you and your local farmer(s). Each CSA member pays for a seasonal share of food, and in exchange receives an array of mixed seasonal produce every week; some CSAs include dairy and other prepared foods as well. It is similar to a membership or buying club – each member becomes a part of the farm’s local food community by supporting their local farmer and committing to eating locally all season long.

Q: What if I can’t pick up my CSA share?
A: If you can’t pick up your CSA share we strongly encourage you to ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to pick up for you. They just need to give your name at pickup. Greensgrow has seasonal hours so we are not always available the next day to arrange an alternative pickup for you. We usually donate any leftover food the next day while it is still fresh and usable. If an emergency comes up and you can’t make it at the last minute, call the CSA hotline at 215.427.2780 ext. 2 BEFORE your normal pick up is over, and we can box up your share and store it. You will be able to pick it up the next available day that we are in the office, which varies by season, and we will let you know those details when you call to notify us of your emergency.  If all of these factors still fall short of converging with your pickup availability for that particular week, let us know that you’ll be missing the pickup and we will donate your share to an organization that feeds the hungry or less fortunate like St. Francis Inn or Covenant House.

Q: Can I join the CSA after it has already started?
A: Absolutely! We love late bloomers! If you missed the boat on the pre-season sign up you can join late. We will pro-rate your share so that you do not pay for the weeks that you missed. The date you will start to pick up will depend on the date you sign up. We need usually at least a week in advance to order/harvest for your share.

Q: How much is your CSA? Can I pay by credit card? Can I pay for my CSA online?
The price depends if you are looking for a Summer CSA or Winter CSA. You can pay by credit card-but only if you sign up online.

Q: What’s the SNAP Share? Am I eligible?

A: Formerly known as the SNAP Box Program, the SNAP Share is a subsidized farm share that consists of 5 veggies + 1 fruit weekly (24 weeks). Anyone eligible for ACCESS/EBT can participate in this share. Not sure if you’re eligible for SNAP benefits or an ACCESS card? To determine your eligibility, please visit this website or call the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger’s SNAP benefits hotline at 215.430.0556. You must pay in person with your ACCESS Card/EBT benefits (or other methods of payment). To find out more email csa@greensgrow.org.

Q: How do I use my Farmers Market Program Checks?
A: Do you have FMNP checks and you’re not sure how to use them?  You’re not the only one!  Don’t worry, we make it easy.  Your checks can be used to purchase nutritious, Pennsylvania-grown  fruits and vegetables.  Come to our farmstand, select the fruits and veggies of your choice, and then go to our cashier shed by the exit to pay with your vouchers.  Feel free to ask our staff to help you weigh out your produce before you check out, so you can see how much you are spending as you go.  We cannot give change, so make sure you get enough produce to use the full amount.  These checks are distributed by the PA Department of Agriculture, so they make the rules; they are good for fruits and vegetables only and we cannot accept them for anything else that we sell at Greensgrow. We can also accept WIC FMNP vouchers as well!

Q: Does Greensgrow grow the food for the CSA?
A: The answer for the most part is no. With about 1/2 acre of growing space and in the summer the CSA running up to 600 shares we could not meet the demand. We occasionally provide part of CSA share, for instance the herbs in the share. However, the majority of the food being growing on the farm is for sale through the farmstand and wholesale to local restaurants. Some of the local restaurants that we sell to include, Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s and Prohibition Tap Room, just to name a few.

Q: Where does all of the food come from?
: Our CSA is a cooperative model, which means that we purchase all of the food from local farmers, many of whom are growing produce specifically for our CSA. For Greensgrow, we define local as within 150 miles of Philadelphia. We make sure to talk with each and every one of our farmers, so we can answer questions about their practices, and be sure that we know how it’s grown. We also occasionally include produce that we grow at Greensgrow, when we have enough quantity for the CSA membership. Check out our farmer profile page.

Q: Is the produce, meat and dairy organic? GMO free?
Greensgrow’s mission includes supporting our local food system by working with a breadth of local farmers. In order to get access to a broad spectrum of local foods, we simply cannot limit ourselves to organics. Many farmers use more progressive practices like integrated pest management that are closer to organic than conventional methods, but are still just not certified organic. Our produce that we purchase from farmers is GMO free, but our produce is not all organic – some of it is – just ask us, we’ll know. All of the Greensgrow Grown produce is grown with organic methods but it is not certified.

Meat and cheese at Greensgrow are not generally organic, although we usually have a few organic choices in the mix. We have found our customers prefer a middle price point that is less expensive than organic, but is still inclusive of humanely raised animals with access to pasture. Please feel free to ask us questions about the meats in our freezer when you visit the farmstand.