Summer Farm Share

Sign up for the Winter Farm Share. Sign up for the Summer 2018 Farm Share will start on February 2.

Our Mission

Greensgrow is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage our neighbors to cultivate social entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, and community greening. We believe that food can and should be grown, preserved, and sourced with adherence to the issues that mean the most to you: stewarding our land, consciousness of our environment, fair treatment for workers, investment in our region, and minimizing our carbon footprint.

We source the items in your share locally, working directly with farmers from within 150 miles of our fair city for each share to provide a balance of staples as well as specialty items. Our Farm Share is a cooperative effort, with the sources of your food ranging from generations-old farms in Southern New Jersey, to orchards in Delaware, to a booming Lancaster County co-op of single-family Amish farms. We source across the range of organic, IPM, non-GMO, low-spray and conventional products.

What Makes Our Farm Share Special

  • Greensgrow is a Non-Profit. Your support helps sustain our food access and educational programming; The Greensgrow Community Kitchen, SNAP Share Program (a low income farm share) and Greensgrow Neighborhood Markets (bringing local foods to underserved neighborhoods). Reinvesting in our community is what we’re all about. Triple bottom line, social entrepreneurship; your support helps us do good work.
  • Our Full & Half Farm Shares include items besides veggies (fruit, cheese, eggs, etc.). The share mimics the way people actually cook and eat, making weekend grocery store trips relatively obsolete.
  • Our Staff & Community. Members enjoy getting to know staff, volunteers, like-minded neighbors and fellow members through the seasons. Our Food Team manager is accessible to you for questions or concerns, you can reach us at
  • You can shop at our farmstand, our online store and garden center while picking up your share. In addition to the share, we carry a quality selection of produce, pastured and grass-fed meats, artisan cheeses, breads, locally produced goods, and plants galore.
  • You can pickup at an urban farm. Each week you’ll get a chance to observe a working urban farm in action while creating relationships with the Greensgrow staff and like-minded neighbors.
  • We have 16 years of experience under our belt. Greensgrow Farm Share is celebrating 16 years of operation in 2018. That means we have built extensive relationships with farmers, producers, artisans, etc. and that means you benefit from our years of experience.

Becoming a Member

Enjoy the bounty of our region from June-November while supporting small farmers and producers as well as investing in your own community. We build relationships our region’s finest farmers and producers to plan our shares.

Please keep in mind we contract with farmers on your behalf and you are entering into a binding contract with Greensgrow. The Farm Share is a contract for an entire season, when you sign up, you have committed to completing the full season’s payment schedule.

Application deadline to pickup the first share: If you would like to participate in the full season, please fill out the application on or before TBD to pickup the week of June 7. Applications received after TBD will begin participation depending on the application date and share type. Prorated prices will apply.

If you have any questions: Call the Farm Share hotline at 215.427.2780 ext. 2 or email

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