About Us

Greensgrow is a nationally recognized leader in urban farming and is open to the public year round. Green roofs on composting toilets, washing machines stripped down to spin-dry lettuce, honey bees perched on top of a biodiesel shed, a neighborhood lawn replaced with an heirloom tomato garden, plants grown to measure lead uptake, Milkshake the pig, an abandoned house turned office space, an unused church kitchen turned small food business incubator and a deck made from old pallets and water bottles. A laundry list of crazy ideas? Yes. And a day in the life of Greensgrow.

One thing that is for certain. There is no typical day at Greensgrow. We have never accepted the idea that “that’s just the way things are”. Instead we believe that’s there’s a way things could be and that we can make them happen if we’re willing to work hard enough, laugh loud enough and be open enough to learn from our mistakes. We think of ourselves as an Idea Farm, it has given birth to our CSA, the Community Kitchen and other projects resulting in permanent jobs and sustainable income which in turn allows us to start new projects.

We borrow existing ideas and make them uniquely our own and happily share them with you. Rethinking land, abandoned space, ideas, oil barrels, PVC, tools and trash is what we do. Veggie waste composts into fertilizer, a shipping container grew into a garden shop and rain gutters find a life as a farm. Everything we own from our 6000 square foot greenhouse to our mobile market trucks has come from a previous owner. Because we have never over capitalized on equipment we have been free to change things up. Everything we buy goes through a stringent cost benefit analysis to prove that it can be used at an optimal level. Some people call this cheap, we call it smart.

Everything is recyclable, by someone.